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Health Resume

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I got tired of having everyone ask me the same questions over and over so I finally just made Kalib a health resume.  It has been very helpful for doctor visits, school personnel and even babysitters. This version is just the information.  Click here to see the resume in Word format.




Kalib Neil Blanchard

Current Conditions

Spinal Cord Injury at T11.  Left leg and right foot paralyzed. Wears AFO braces.   

Little or no bladder/bowel control.  Diaper Drainage.    

Mobility:  wheelchair or crawling.

Eyes:  Nystagmus, alternating exotropia, strabismic amblyopia, wears glasses. 

Allergies to grasses and molds.   

Prone to nosebleeds.  Has benign heart murmur



Born premature on August 11, 1993 at 23 weeks gestation, weight 1 lb. 4 oz.  Born in Tyler, transported to Methodist hospital in Dallas.  During 6 month stay in NICU, suffered numerous problems, including:  Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, apnea, bradychardia, Retinopathy of prematurity, skin breakdown, several infections, and more.  On respirator for approximately 4 months.  Came home on Jan. 29, 1994.




January 1994, repair of bilateral inguinal hernias and repair of left lower quadrant ventral hernia  (Uceda-Methodist)


August 1994, Eye surgery to correct strabismus (Weakley-Childrens)


April 1995, Bilateral myringotomy (Heaton-UT Tyler)


January 1996, Tendon release on left hip, left knee and both heels for placement in RGO’s and AFO’s (Karol-Scottish Rite)


January 1997, Bilateral myringotomy (Heaton-UT Tyler)


October 21, 1998, Tendon release on left hip and knee (Karol-Scottish Rite)


November 12, 1999, Partial nephrectomy on left side to remove malignant neoplasm of kidney aka Wilm’s Tumor (Ewalt-Children’s) and insertion of port-a-cath (Hicks-Children’s)


May 18, 2000, Removal of port-a-cath (Hicks-Children’s)


August 4, 2000, Eye surgery:  RLR resect and BSO anteriorization tinectomy (Hunter-Tyler Square






December 26 – 31, 1994; viral pneumonia, otitis media, sinus infection, bronchitis (Mother Francis Hospital)


December 21 – 23, 1999; viral or bacterial infection of unknown origin (Children’s Hospital)





Rhinocourt nose spray 2x in each nostril one time daily, as needed for allergies.

Claritin Redi-tab – One a day at bedtime, as needed for allergies.

Guaifed-PD – 1 tablet twice daily as needed for congestion.




·               Pediatrician, Dr. Barbara Huggins, UT Health Center – Tyler, PO Box 2003, Tyler, TX 75710, (903) 877-7039.

·               Spina Bifida Developmental Pediatrician, Dr. Nancy Dodge and Dr. Richard Adams, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas, TX (214) 559-5000

·               Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Dr. Jeffrey Hunter, Heaton Eye Associates, Tyler, TX (903) 534-0444

·               Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Gail Tomlinson, Children’s Hospital, Dallas, TX (214) 456-7000

·               Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Karl Rathjen, Scottish Rite Hospital (214) 559-2000

·               Urologist, Dr. David Ewalt, Scottish Rite Hospital, (214) 559-2000




Enrolled in Early Childhood Intervention until 3 years old.

PPCD (Pre-school program for children with disabilities) 1996/97 and 1997/98 (Ms. Goodner)

Now entering

Special Education due to physical disability.

Receives OT and PR, content mastery and resource room.

Requires Aide for help in toileting.

Possible Nonverbal Learning Disorder. 

Insurance Info



Clarendon Kids Chip Plan            (800) 872-3860

POLICY # 630-38-9551                GROUP # 200002




·         Blood type 0+.  .

·         Followed by Dr. Kenneth Shapiro, neurosurgeon, for possibility of hydrocephalus, Released January 1996

·         Chemotherapy:  20-week regimen of Vincristine and Dactinomycin, November 23, 1999 – March 28, 2000.  Wilm’s tumor. Stage 1 removed intact.  Caught very early.

·         Kalib needs regular diaper changes as he has little to no feeling and a small bladder.  Bowel movements – he does know when he has had one but not before he will have one.  He will tell someone he needs his diaper changed.  He usually has them when he gets active.

·         Kalib is not limited to his wheelchair.  If he prefers to crawl, that is fine.  If he wants to sit in a regular classroom chair or on a stool in the lunchroom, that is fine.  Kalib will tell you what he prefers. 

·         Kalib has nosebleeds from time to time.  They run in our family.  It is NOT cause for alarm.  If he has a nosebleed, lean him forward a little to prevent blood from running down the back of his throat, and pinch his nostrils shut with a rag or tissue for a few minutes.  Even after it has stopped, he should try to be calm for a while to prevent his nose from bleeding again.

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