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Camp Pictures

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group picture all camp esp tshirt.jpg (82663 bytes)

Kalib's Cabinmates at Camp Esperanza


kalib with superheroes.jpg (32415 bytes)

Kalib with the Superheroes before leaving for Camp

kalib smiling.jpg (35641 bytes)

Kalib smiling

jerry holding kalib.jpg (43612 bytes)

Jerry holding Kalib

jerry holding kalib 2.jpg (38884 bytes)

Jerry and Kalib


jerry and kalib.jpg (53245 bytes)

Jerry and Kalib

kalib asleep on pillow.jpg (26768 bytes)

Must've had too much fun.

kalib asleep on pillow 2.jpg (44797 bytes)


at petting zoo.jpg (45769 bytes)

Kalib at petting zoo.

group at camp.jpg (76262 bytes)

Group picture

kalib with ball.jpg (21837 bytes)

Kalib with ball

kalib hitting ball.jpg (21813 bytes)

Kalib hitting ball

kalib petting horse.jpg (42333 bytes)

Kalib petting horse

kalib and jerry.jpg (46671 bytes)

Jerry holding Kalib holding ball

group pic.jpg (63376 bytes)

Group Pic

kalib with blue mouth.jpg (27407 bytes)

What did he eat?  I don't want to know.

kalib talking to friend.jpg (20442 bytes)

Kalib talking to friend

kalib with friend.jpg (43339 bytes)

Kalib with a friend

kalib with counselor.jpg (25103 bytes)

Kalib with counselor

kalib.jpg (22150 bytes)


peace.jpg (51206 bytes)


smiling and playing.jpg (20256 bytes)

Kalib smiling

smiling.jpg (45223 bytes)