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1st Year Home Photo Page

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My first year home!

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Kalib looking over coffee table.jpg (1870 bytes)
This is the view we saw of Kalib a lot when we were in the living room. He would peek over the coffee table.
Kalib with basket over head 1994.jpg (5019 bytes)
Kalib being silly.
Kalib with blue face 1994.jpg (7406 bytes)
mmmmmmm. This cake is good.
t Kalib home swing.jpg (8444 bytes)
Kalib's favorite activity. He would talk to his toys.
t Kalib w bottle, Matthew.jpg (11323 bytes)
Kalib taking his small bottle while big brother Matthew sits close by.
t3 me, matt, kalib honemoon.jpg (16171 bytes)
Mom holding Kalib with Matthew on Mom and Dad's honeymoon. We weren't about to leave our kids. We just got them.
t4 Kalib playing guitar.jpg (21019 bytes)
Kalib playing guitar.
t5 Kalib sleeping on dad.jpg (10587 bytes)
Kalib sleeping on Dad.