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Misc. Photos

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Kalib holding baby sis.jpg (20948 bytes)
Kalib holding his baby sister, Michaela
Kalib in hospital 0ct 1998.jpg (8064 bytes)
Kalib in hospital before 2nd tendon release.
Kalib on big wheel july 1996.jpg (6180 bytes)
Vroom, Vroom.  Kalib riding big brother Matthew's big wheel.
Kalib pretending to talk on phone.jpg (4771 bytes)
Kalib "talking" on the phone.  He used to call and order "pepper oni pizza with cheetos".
Kalib sleeping with barney 1996.jpg (4644 bytes)
Sleeping with Barney.
kalib with casts on sleeping in weird position.jpg (5433 bytes)
Sleeping in a strange position.
Kalib with glasses.jpg (26860 bytes)
Kalib wearing his glasses.
Kalib with mickey hat smiling.jpg (20210 bytes)
Ain't I cute?.
Kalib, Matthew at mamaw's.jpg (7611 bytes)
Kalib sitting with Matthew.
kids on blue truck.jpg (19347 bytes)
Michaela, Kalib and Matthew on blue truck.
Me, Kalib and Matthew slipnslide 1996.jpg (6937 bytes)
Mom, Kalib and Matthew on the slip n slide.
Kalib in UFO.jpg (10600 bytes)
Kalib in his UFO.

kalib with santa.jpg (38133 bytes)

Kalib with Santa Christmas 2001

dad sliding down slide at scottish rite w kalib.jpg (18356 bytes)

Dad sliding with Kalib at Scottish Rite Hospital.