Cancer Photos

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Kalib in hospital nov. 1999.jpg (8005 bytes)
Kalib in hospital after removal of his tumor.  November 1999.
Kalib in hospital playing with bus.jpg (6344 bytes)
Kalib playing with his school bus in hospital.  He wouldn't let it out of his sight.
Kalib in hospital, dad on phone 11.99.jpg (9546 bytes)
Kalib asleep in hospital while Dad on the phone.
Kalib in wagon front view 11.99.jpg (9473 bytes)
Kalib's mode of transportation while in the hospital.
v2 Kalib getting treatment.jpg (35479 bytes)
Kalib receiving treatment through his port-a-cath.
v3 Kalib and Michaela tree fort April 2000.jpg (30990 bytes)
Kalib (lacking some hair) and sis Michaela in the tree fort (April 2000).
v4 Kalib and Michaela May 2000.jpg (22133 bytes)
Kalib and Michaela May 2000