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bulletWhat's New with Kalib  - updates on Kalib and what's happening in his life.
bulletWeb Updates - what's new on the website.
bulletMy Story -
bulletGuest Book


bulletGlossary - various medical terminology put into understandable words.
bulletRGO Instruction - a homemade chart showing how to put Kalib into his RGO braces.  I could not find anything ready made and I wanted something for his school and babysitters to follow.
bulletSurgery, Siblings and Stuff - tips on preparing a child for surgery, links and info on various forms of health care (incl. a care notebook to help keep track of things), tips on helping siblings cope, info on continence, (incl. a coloring book), and tips and links for summer camps for kids with disablilities.
bulletBooks - various childrens books dealing with hospitals and doctors and kids with disabilities as well as books for adults on preemie parenting.
bulletToys - various toys for or portraying kids with disabities.
bulletArt Prints and Posters - really colorful children's art prints that I fell in love with.
bulletHealth Resume - I created this to hand over to doctors, school personnel or anyone keeping Kalib for any length of time.  I got tired of answering the same questions over and over.  It's also a great quick reference for me when I need to remember a specific date or doctor.
bulletDischarge Summary - Kalib's 8 page discharge summary from his 6 month stay in the NICU.
bulletLinks - various links I've found in all my research.


bulletNICU Photo 1   
bulletNICU Photo 2
bullet1st Year Home
bulletRGO Photos
bulletCancer Photos
bulletMisc. Photos
bulletSpecial Activities

Inspirations and Poems - various poems and quotes that help keep me grounded.

bulletWelcome To Holland