RGO Photos

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u1 Kalib before tendon release.jpg (21081 bytes)
This was taken just before Kalib's tendon release surgery.  You can see the atrophy in his feet.
u2 Kalib after tendon release.jpg (17761 bytes)
Here is Kalib after surgery. He has casts on both feet and a bandage around his knees to help keep his legs in position. They call it a mermaid wrap. He had to wear it for two weeks.
Kalib in highchair at hospital jan 1996.jpg (7859 bytes)
Kalib feeling better.
u5 Kalib getting casted for rgo's.jpg (15025 bytes)
Kalib is being cast for his RGO braces. He is not happy in this picture but just shortly after, he was asleep.
kalib getting casts cut off.jpg (7049 bytes)
Kalib getting his second pair of casts cut off. The first pair, he wore for two weeks. Then he was casted for his RGO's and new casts put on his feet which he wore for 4 more weeks.
u3Kalib getting casts off.jpg (20207 bytes)
Another picture of Kalib getting his casts off. he is listening to tapes on headphones. It helps drown out the noise of the drill and keeps him calm.
u4 Kalib after casts off.jpg (15974 bytes)
Kalib just after his casts were removed. Notice the difference in the position of his feet as opposed to the picture taken just before surgery.
kalib RGO's with holly, screaming.jpg (5569 bytes)
Kalib's first day in his RGO braces. He wasn't thrilled but by the second day, he was tricking along nicely. By the end of the week, he had it down and we got to go home.
Kalib in Rgo's 1st week.jpg (5539 bytes)
Kalib later. He was a lot calmer.
Kalib in Rgo's in red.jpg (6809 bytes)
Kalib looking cute.
Kalib RGO's 1 April.jpg (6559 bytes)
Kalib walking in his RGO's.
Kalib RGO's 2 April.jpg (6361 bytes)
Another angle of walking.
Kalib RGO's 3 April.jpg (8049 bytes)
Back view of RGO's and walker. The belt around his chest was used to help keep his balance until he became proficient at walking on his own.
Kalib RGO's 4 (with dad) April.jpg (4802 bytes)
Dad holding Kalib with his RGO's.
u6 Kalib rgo's.jpg (25252 bytes)
ust another pic of Kalib in his RGO's
u7 Kalib braces.jpg (14638 bytes)
nd yet another pic.
v1 Kalib with crutches showing off.jpg (22805 bytes)
Kalib became so good at walking with his walker that he graduated to forearm crutches.  It was a long process but eventually he was able to walk very well with forearm crutches.  Here he is showing off.