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Toys for Kids with Differing Abilities  v  Toys depicting hospitals  

Toys for Kids with Differing Abilities

I have searched and searched for various toys of kids with disabilities.  I felt it would help Kalib to know there were others like him.  We live in a small town and he is the only kid in his school in a wheelchair.  I do not sell these items but have provided links to the places that do offer them for sale.  If anyone has any more suggestions, I would be happy to list them here.

I realize the importance of having all sorts of people represented, including those without disabilities, but this page is specifically for those toys and books depicting characters with disabilities that may not be readily available.
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Block Play People with Differing Abilities lc1180.jpg (9144 bytes)

Block Play People with Differing Abilities available from



Adaptive Equipment for Dolls with Disabilities.jpg (27587 bytes)

Adaptive Equipment for Dolls with Disabilities available from



48921-wheelchair for American Girl dolls.jpg (16057 bytes) Wheelchair for American Girl dolls available from
3928 Patient With Wheelchair.jpg (6335 bytes) Patient with wheelchair available from
Kalib in UFO.jpg (10600 bytes) This is Kalib in his UFO.  I bought it from  They had two sizes when I bought this one.  This is the small version for kids up to 80 lbs.  He wore his first one out and we bought two more.  One for home and one for school.  He is a whiz on this thing.  Its hand powered.  The cost varies from 19.95 to 39.95 depending on if its on sale.  The catalog had it listed as a UFO. If anyone knows of another place to get this item, please let me know.

Thank you, Dr. Sara Schley for emailing info.  She found this item in a catalog called Sportime Elementary (sells adaptive items).  It is called whirly wheels.  The price of the smaller one retails for 69.95 right now.  Their number is 800 845 1235.  Good Luck.

Krazy Kar 15348.jpg (4631 bytes) Krazy Kar. The classic hand-powered toy that kids propel forward, backward, left, right or in circles. Great indoors or out. Holds up to 70 pounds. Measures 3 feet around with two 18-inch wheels. Made in U.S.A. Ages 2 to 7. Available from

Kalib has one of these.  He uses it somewhat but its still a little too big for him.  He prefers his UFO because its smaller and easier for him to maneuver.




Toys depicting hospitals

I bought the operating room and the hospital room sets from playmobil.  Kalib and I played with them and discussed various aspects of the surgeries.  Between the toys and the books, he understood a lot about the surgeries and was not as afraid.

The following toys are available at

3980 hospital room.jpg (9455 bytes)

3980 Hospital Room

Recuperating is so much more pleasant in the PLAYMOBIL hospital room. The patient lies comfortably in a wheeled bed with a height-adjustable headrest, looking at the framed picture and cheerful vase of flowers. Some dishes are on the nightstand with drawer and fold-away tray table. Near the head of the bed is a stand with hanging i.v. bottle, and a chair. The doctor enters with his report--itīs good news! A sign reading Hospital is included. This set is a great accessory to the Large City House

3981 operating room.jpg (10272 bytes)

3981 Operating Room

The most complex operations are carried out on the table of this operating room. Two male and one female doctor stand underneath the light, performing delicate surgery on an ailing patient. Everything will be fine, though. These doctors are trained well, and have the best equipment available: an instrument plate mounted on a wheeled stand, 2 cabinets with drawer, an EKG on wheels, a monitor, and various medicine bottles and operating instruments that can be grasped by the figures. Set includes a Hospital sign, and is a great accessory for the SystemX Large City house.

3979 nurse.jpg (9621 bytes) 3979 Nurse
3925 Ambulance.jpg (7740 bytes) 3925 Ambulance
3926 Pediatrician.jpg (19313 bytes) 3926 Pediatrician
3845 Air Rescue 3.jpg (10892 bytes) 3845 Air Rescue 3
barbie doctor.jpg (3965 bytes) Doctor Barbie and Kelly  

Click here to Order from

lil people clinic.jpg (3899 bytes)  Little People On-The-Go Sounds Playset: Going to the Doctor  

Click here to Order from

The following toys are available at
Doctor Kart

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