RGO Instruction

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I looked around for some sort of instruction sheet for a while but I finally gave up and created this one myself. Before the Wilm's tumor, Kalib wore his RGOs at school all day and I wanted anyone who was involved in Kalib's care to have an explanation of how they worked and how they were supposed to fit.  I kept one in his backpack for anyone to look at in case they had questions.  

Just click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

How to put Kalib in RGO's.jpg
This sheet explains how to put Kalib in his RGO braces. 
Kalib in RGO's.jpg
This shows a front, side, and back view of how Kalib was supposed to look when in his braces.  Also has a few troubleshooting tips.
Rgo's alone.jpg
This is a view of the RGO's standing alone with explanation of several parts.

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