NICU Photo 2

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Kalib in A nursery Aug. 93.jpg (8774 bytes)
Kalib in A nursery.
Kalib Methodist sept. 93.jpg (5752 bytes)
Kalib in A nursery.
m Kalib D nursery nov. 93.jpg (5441 bytes)
Kalib on cpap. No ventilator tube going down his throat. So that's what his mouth looks like.
o D nursery 11. 93.jpg (15933 bytes)
Due to construction in the A nursery, we were put in D nursery.  A temporary nursery with just enough room for 4 babies. Here you can see Kalib's warmer and his ventilator machine.
p Nov. 1993.jpg (26863 bytes)
Kalib has graduated from a warmer to an Isolette. He can maintain his body temperature a little better and is more stable. He is gaining weight.
q Kalib in Cabbage Patch Doll carrier.jpg (17158 bytes)
The nurses wanted Kalib to be able to sit and look around at things from time to time instead of always laying in his Isolette. So they put him in this cabbage doll carrier and opened up his Isolette. Here he is talking to his Santa Claus. He talked to him quite frequently.
r Dec. 18 1993.jpg (5665 bytes)
This is the first time we saw Kalib's face without some big piece of tubing taped to it. He still has a feeding tube but has no ventilator tube or cpap tube. This picture has a lot of meaning for me. Aaron had the nurses take it so he could bring it to me. I had been exposed to chicken pox and because I had never had them, I was not allowed to visit the nursery for three weeks for fear of spreading to the immune compromised preemies.
r Dec. 25, 1993 pic at window.jpg (14740 bytes)
Christmas Day. I was still unable to get in due to my exposure to chicken pox so the nurses hooked Kalib up to an oxygen bottle and let Aaron bring him to the window. Me (mom), big brother Matthew, and Aunt Audrey are looking in while Dad is holding him.
r Dec. 25, 1993, Dad holding Kalib.jpg (16320 bytes)
Dad holding Kalib on Christmas Day.
r Dec. 25, 1993.jpg (7683 bytes)
Kalib "snug as a bug in a rug". Peeking out at the world. Looks comfy.
s jan 10 94, ot foot splints.jpg (14586 bytes)
This pic was taken by the OT to show the nurses how his AFO braces were supposed to fit.
s Jan 20 94, OT Swing.jpg (16895 bytes)
Another picture taken by the OT. She wanted him to be in the swing at least once a day. In this picture, he is listening to Dad and Mom read to him through his headphones while sucking on his pacifier.
s Jan.10, 1994 bottle.jpg (10943 bytes)
This was Kalib's bottle. The first time he used a bottle he had 7cc of formula.  He had to learn to suck, swallow and breathe at the same time. He had been fed with a tube for so long. He choke a lot and turned blue scaring me to death. 
st Kalib trip home jan 29 94.jpg (16310 bytes)
Kalib's first trip outside the hospital. Also his trip home. January 29, 1994. It was a very tense ride home. This was the first time we had to care for kalib without the safety net of nurses and doctors all around us.

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