NICU Photos 1

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A Kalib 1st pic.jpg (9768 bytes)
This is the first picture I had of Kalib. It was taken by the nurses. I carried it everywhere with me until he came home from the hospital.
b Kalib being bagged.jpg (9866 bytes)
Kalib was manually bagged for about 3 hours before the transport team arrived with the proper equipment to ventilate him.
c Kalib being made ready for transport.jpg (21704 bytes)
The transport nurses wrapped Kalib in saran wrap to keep him warm because his skin was so thin.
d Kalib being made ready for transport 1.jpg (22194 bytes)
The nurses packed gloves filled with warm water around Kalib to help raise his body temperature.
e Kalib A nursery.jpg (4969 bytes)
Kalib in A nursery at Methodist Hospital.
e Kalib at Methodist sept. 12,1993 rec. blood.jpg (19520 bytes)
Kalib had tubes coming out of every part of his body during his 6 month stay at the hospital. One time he had 6 blue pumps pumping various liquids into his small body while he was also receiving a blood transfusion. There is a headphone laying in his warmer. Aaron and I had recorded ourselves reading stories on a tape.  The nurses played it for him when we weren't there.
e Kalib Meth. hos. 1st week.jpg (10873 bytes)
Kalib's 1st week at NICU. He had to wear a hat over his eyes to protect them from the photo therapy light to help his jaundice.
f Kalib 1 month polaroid.jpg (10771 bytes)
Kalib at 1 month. The nurses took this picture for us because his eyes were open and we weren't there.
h Kalib meth. 2nd mo..jpg (13759 bytes)
Kalib at Methodist during 2nd month.  He's gaining weight.  Notice the picture of his big brother, Matthew, on the side of his bed.  We put that there the first day so he wouldn't be alone when we couldn't be there.
i Kalib 2nd mo. close up.jpg (11041 bytes)
Kalib's 2nd month at hospital. A little closer up. You can really tell he's gaining weight.
j Kalib holding my finger (D nursery).jpg (12719 bytes)
Kalib is holding mom's finger here. He will probably kill me for this picture when he gets older but this was the first time he really had butt cheeks and I just thought it was so cute. This was also the first time Kalib was taken off of the ventilator and put on CPAP.
k1 Kalib's 1st diaper.jpg (18387 bytes)
This was Kalib's first real diaper. He previously had just a cotton ball or nothing on. The nurses didn't want to irritate his already broken down skin. He is wearing this diaper in preparation for us getting to hold him for the first time. This is a preemie size diaper. Very small and it goes up to his armpit.
k1st time holding Kalib 10.16.93.jpg (7190 bytes)
This was the first time we were allowed to hold Kalib. He was 67 days old. His health and body were so fragile the first couple of months we couldn't hold him. he was the heaviest 2 lb baby to hold because he still had so may tubes and I was so scared I would pull something loose.
A nursery Aug. 93.jpg (10451 bytes)
This is me sitting beside Kalib's warmer in A nursery.
A nursery with mom.jpg (11296 bytes)
Another picture of his warmer bed in A nursery.
Kalib being weighed Sept 93 (660 grams).jpg (7347 bytes)
This is a picture of Kalib being weighed in the NICU.  A scary thing to see.  He was so small and had to be "unplugged" to get a weight. He weighed 660 grams. (Late August 1993)

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