What's new with Kalib

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12/01/01 - Kalib rode in the Neiman Marcus/Adolphus/Children's Parade.  He loved it.  He got to ride with his old pal Jerry from Camp.  The whole family got to attend an after parade party.

11/12/01 - Kalib was invited to participate in the Dallas, Texas Christmas Parade put on by Neiman Marcus to benefit Children's hospital. It will be held on December 1, 2001.  

10/9/01 - Children's Hospital - Kalib had his 6 month checkup for his Wilm's tumor.  Everything looks good.  Sono and chest xray are clear.  Blood counts are great.  Physical exam was Good.
Scottish Rite Hospital - We picked up Kalib's new wheelchair.  It's toxic green.  It's a Quickie R2 with knobby tires.  He loves it.  He is a lot taller in this chair which puts him closer to his classmates. He told me the "entire school thought it was cool".  I plan to put picks up in the near future.
Report Card - Kalib's report card blew me away.  4 A's and 2 B's.  Math - 98, Reading - 89, Spelling - 93, English - 91, Social Studies - 93, Science - 80.  The last couple of years he has been struggling through school.

9/26/01 - Scottish Rite Dental Clinic - Kalib had a tooth filled.  He did really well except for gagging when he was xrayed. 

9/11/01 - Scottish Rite Green Ortho Clinic - From an orthopedic standpoint, Kalib looks good.

8/7/01 - Scottish Rite Hospital - VCUG - We hate this test but all in all this one went well.  We went for a previous visit and talked to child life and looked at the room and the machinery.  The child life specialist came down the day of the test and brought a tape player (N'Sync) and a game boy.  He was totally preoccupied before the test.  During the test, he watched TV.  They now put a numbing cream on the penis before the test and that helped tremendously.  Results of the test were good.  He has a small bladder but no reflux.
Renal Sono - Everything looks good.
Urology - When Kalib gets ready to "get dry" he can start catheterization program.  Kalib just can't seem to accept this yet.